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Online Therapy: How to Start Skype Counselling

We offer our counselling services using two modalities: videoconferencing via Skype and telephone. (via Skype for VSee) and telephone.

CBT Counselling in Belfast by Accredited Counsellors

If you have never heard of Skype, this is a programme which allow users to talk and see each other using the Internet. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection and a webcam, you can make an appointment to chat with us from the comfort of your own space. Visit the Skype website to know more about how it works.

What if my Internet connection is not very reliable?

You can check if your Internet connection will allow you to use Skype with sufficient image and voice quality but if that is not the case, we can use another free programme called Vsee.

This videoconferencing programme uses 50% less bandwidth than Skype. This is advisable if your internet connection is slow. It is also HIPPA compliant, which means it's provides better security than Skype.

Do I still have to communicate by email with my therapist even if I use Skype?


Yes, you need to be familiar with the use of emails because in CBT therapy we assign home tasks every week. We will need to exchange those documents before each session.

What if I prefer Telephone Counselling or I don’t have a webcam to conduct sessions via videoconferencing?

Chat with a therapist on Skype

Phone counselling is an alternative if you don't have internet but has more disadvantages than online counselling. You can talk to us using a landline or a mobile just like you normally would do when chatting to friends or family. However, you still need to have an active internet connection to receive and send emails from and to your therapist. As explained above, any homework assignments or handouts that your therapist may give you, will be sent by email.

Am I suitable for CBT Therapy?

As many advantages as CBT may have when delivered via videoconferencing, there are some important limitations.
Please consider face-to-face counselling if for example you are currently suicidal or you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Below, you can find a quiz to find out whether you will fully benefit from our services. Only if you answer all the answers correctly, you should contact us for an appointment.

Check if you could benefit from online Counselling: Take this 2-minute suitability test

This is a just a very short test to check whether or o not, you may be suitable to chat with an online therapist. It should only take about 2 minutes. It consists of 14 items (yes/no) and you need to score the maximum in order to make an appointment at Anapsys Counselling Services. If you fail, you should consider to see a CBT therapist face-to-face.

Getting Started

If you have any further questions, be sure to take a look at our FAQ page or feel free to contact us by email or phone on
44 (0) 2890586361.